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You can email me for anything you need.. even if it's just to talk. I love giving advice as much as possible, I love making new online friends, and I want to meet many more online mommies! The quickest way to reach me is through my email: stephineglamour at

I've also done a lot of reviewing and blogging.. before I became a mommy-to-be I was a beauty blogger and I absolutely loved it. I would still be doing it, but I'm a little addicted to baby everything. I love supporting small companies, I love taking pictures of new things, packages make me happy!, and I'm a self-acclaimed customer service junkie! I didn't keep that blog, but I did keep all of the posts that I worked hard on. This blog is not fancy at all, but you can check all the old posts out over here to see my work.. I would love to work with you. I've never taken any money in exchange for anything.. I just review your product/item using lots of pictures (and I mean lots! lol) and I'm on my merry-ol-way :)