Once Upon A Child & 24 weeks pregnant!

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Before I say anything else, WE GOT THE APARTMENT! :) It will be ready on Wednesday, but of course we won't have the money until Friday! But I'm excited to just KNOW that we have it. I was supposed to call on Thursday to see if we got it and they called us today! :)

And I'm officially 6 months pregnant today :)
Baby finally has a name as well :) You'll find out when he's here!

Yesterday we took a trip out to our local (local aka 30 minute drive) Once Upon A Child.
I'm pretty proud of myself as it's the farthest I've driven in a long while. I got a little scared on the way there, but I just tried to keep occupied and I did pretty good. We definitely can't go back to this place without more money. We got a few things for baby boy of course :) We found some warm 0-3 month outfits which we really need since he'll be here in October and all the 0-3 months we do have are just onesies basically.

If you bought this bag (on sale $1.50), you got 10% off your stuff. Today is the last day.

Only thing Mommy picked out, haha. 

0-3 months $2.50

I don't like this, but eh.. Daddy was excited for it, lol. $2.00

Bengals Hoodie 0-3 months $3.50

AKDMKS Outfit 3-6 months $4.50

Our favorite! Jordan Outfit :) 0-6 months $8.50

 We now have a whole Jordan outfit. We have Jordan Hats, a Jordan Onesie, and some Jordan Socks to go with it :) I'm excited to start on his room :) We still need all the big stuff.. and stuff for our apartment, but I'm excited that in a few days, I'll have a room JUST for him to put his stuff in :)

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