Moved In, 25 weeks, & Braxton Hicks!

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Since this is a baby blog, I'll post my 25 week picture first :) This is at 25 weeks 1 day since I have no idea where my is at, lol.. but I turned 25 weeks yesterday.

I had my glucose test on Friday, that was.. interesting. It definitely wasn't as 'good' as I was hoping. I was hoping to just down the drink and be done, but it was like drinking a pound of orange syrup sugar in a small cup. It wasn't much, but boyyy was it strong! It didn't make me sick thank god, but it didn't set well. And my goodness that after taste lasts alllll day, lol. All in all, I was fine of course.. hoping for no phone call this week so that I know I passed! :) I feel good about it.

My blood pressure was good & baby's heart rate was 142bpm :) It was funny as she was using the doppler, she was like 'man, he's active!' and asked Donnie if he could see my belly moving, haha. I told her what he weighed at his last ultrasound and she said it's not bad, but he's big already, lol.

Onto our apartment, we're finally moved in :) Saturday morning we went finally got to borrow a truck and my mom and her boyfriend helped us move everything in. We found a church that had a free couch so we had them help us (well, boyfriend) load that up. It's not the best, but I put a nice blanket on it and it's perfect for us! We're very happy with it. I'm still kinda scared, but that's my anxiety. I'm just not used to being there at all, but I'm still comfy knowing it's our own place. It's so amazing to walk by baby's room :).. even though it's got nothing big in it, haha.

I've been having BH since about 19 weeks, which my doctor assured me was normal. After moving Saturday night we were watching a movie and at about 8-8:30 I started having non-stop Braxton Hicks (stronger than ever before) for a good 30-45 minutes. I laid on the couch, on my left side.. I did everything and they weren't going away. They were coming every 2-5 minutes, Donnie was watching me and was starting to get nervous, and then I started to cry because I got really scared. Boyfriend got me the phone and number and we finally called up to Labor & Delivery. 

She told me to take some Tylenol, drink a few glasses of water, and lay down for an hour and if I had more than 6 in the next hour than I had to come in.. but it worked! I had 3 strong ones after that hour and then through the night I was getting them randomly, but definitely nothing abnormal. She agreed, as I figured, it was probably from being on my feet all day moving and organizing it all!

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  1. Lilac City Momma

    Congrats on your pregnancy! I hate the glucose test too! Unfortunately both times I failed it and had to do the 3 hour test after, it sucks event worse!

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