How To: Plan a Baby Shower

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Or maybe I should title this post "How to plan a baby shower when you've waited until the month before".. FYI: I don't even have invites yet and they should go out a month before the shower. That would be today for me! Lucky me (and lucky you) I'm an organized person when it comes to this stuff. Though, I've never planned a party in my life, I'd like to say I'm a pretty good last-minute baby shower planner so follow me through this quick journey. I'll give you directions on exactly how to get things together.

P.S. You might not have the same outcome. I did all of this planning yesterday, but I spent about 8 hours on the computer, skipped my shower, have no kids (yet), and my mom printed some of the following out for me before hand. However, give yourself a few hours a day to do this and you'll be set.

What you NEED:
- a pen
- a notebook! $1 at the dollar store.. my savior!
- access to the internet for tons of ideas!

This is the main thing you need: a pen, a notebook, and a folder!

My mom printed out a bunch of for me to go through (she used for the shower. This was a big help because thinking of games yourself is stressful if you've never done it before. I wrote down all the games that I wanted to do. What I was going to do was cut out the games I wanted and tape them to the paper to save time, but I like writing stuff down and I changed a few games to my liking - which ever works for you!

My list of games, I'll share these later on!


This is what I put in first, all the addresses that I need to send invitations to. Make sure you at least try to get these ahead of time. I got most of them, but I'm still getting a few here and there and that's not easy when you're trying to order the invitations!

Keep track!

I have a lot of out of state family that lives in Michigan and although I know they can't come, I still want to send them an invite. What I'm doing is ordering my invitation on Etsy (if all goes as planned) and it's a digital invitation. This makes in easy because it's going to cost me $12.00 for the ONE invitation.  Then I can go to Walmart and print these out. I looked it up yesterday and a 4x6 paper print starts at like $0.09! And instead of having 30+ invitations to print (or buy) I can email the out of state family their invitations which saves me a crap ton since stamps are $500 a piece :)

Write down all materials you need for the games you've chose.

Most games, the winner gets a prize. 

Writing down ideas helps or you can look on Etsy (I've been loving Etsy for this planning stuff, I've never used it before) for little prizes or just run to your local dollar store for cute stuff.

Make a list of everything you want to include in your invitation.

The last thing you want to do is forget some information when you send out your invites. Now of course I don't want all of this junk on the actual invitation so I wrote down stuff that will go on the actual invitation (time, date, place, rsvp number, etc) and then seperately I'll include directions/a map and another paper that has extra info that I'll want everyone to know.

One thing I'm doing for people who can't make it (if you have out of state friends and family) is giving them my address and telling them that they are free to start sending gifts if they choose to do so. This gets the stuff out of their way and it will be here in time for the shower. We all know waiting for the mail is stressful as it is, lol. As you can see, I was sure to add "write baby shower" on the package so that it will be saved in the baby's room for the day of the shower.

This is all I have for now, but you'll probably see Version 2.0 soon!

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