First Apartment Buys!

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So we get to move into our apartment on Friday (after my glucose test, lol)! Pretty much only one day left to wait since today is almost over :) We got to go look at it today and that was super exciting. It's actually bigger than we expected and we were both happy with it. I talked to the landlord and he prorated our rent since we're moving in halfway through the month.. this gave us extra money to get electric turned on and buy the other stuff we needed - so here's what we got! I feel like a loser posting this, but I'm so excited to be moving into our own place. Baby will have his own room, we'll have a quiet house to go to without worrying about the stuff that goes on here!

*Excuse the cluttered-ness, our room is packed up so there's stuff all over. I'm sure anyone who has moved understands that, lol. And excuse the floor, it needs new carpet. I actually tore up the carpet and scrubbed that floor myself (with a little help from another person) last summer and it needs new carpet put in.

dish rack. white, red, or black.. dishes are black, so got this one.

dish soap (i know this brand is eh, we'll have a bigger budget next month. bf having this week off killed us), light bulbs, toilet paper (on sale at family dollar $5!)

2 sets of hangers for baby. they're SO tiny :) gonna pick up more in a few days or next check if we can. didn't want to spend too much until we know for sure what we'll have left.

shower curtain and can opener.

laundry basket (brighter in person) and trash can. we're doing the bathroom in blue because the bathroom has a few blue tiles in it, lol.

2 towels, 2 wash cloths. O.M.G these are expensive! again, brighter in person, like a light blue :)

hand soap for each bathroom, our own body washes, glade smelly for the living room, and a smell good thing for each bathroom.

mini trash cans for each bathroom, spray bottle for kitty (on sale for $1), and sponges.

Needless to say, I'm excited to use all this :) We still need to pick up trash bags, silver ware, and a few other things, but that's about it :) I haven't been more excited since.. I found out I was pregnant. If you're reading this and you know me, you know why.. if not, thank you for being happy for me because you have no idea. If anyone wants me to take pictures of the apartment (maybe before/after.. it's gonna take awhile to get it done done) or something, let me know :)

P.S. Here's the dishes we bought the other day!

we hit a great deal, all this for $20!

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