Baby Shower Ideas Version #1

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Happy 5 year anniversary to the love of my life and father of our monster! :)

Yeah.. my baby shower is in a MONTH and I'm just now getting on the ball with all this stuff. It's just been so busy with moving and everything else. Here's the ideas I'm having so far.. we need to get the invites out asap (the shower is August 21st therefore they should be out by tomorrow at the latest and I don't even have any) and here are a few things I've found on Etsy that I like. I may order these or just go to Michael's or another craft store and make them myself.. this is just to keep me organized.

*I am helping plan my baby shower. I TOLD my mom and my best friend that I was going to help. This may not be traditional, but it's very special to me and I want to help plan.. in case anyone is wondering.

*All pictures belong to their Etsy sellers! I don't want to post who is selling what because I don't want someone to take it (most things are a one-time thing but can be custom made too), but if someone would like their photo credited, just email me and I will add it on!

*When I get the funds to get started, I think I've found my new work from home job! :) I would have so much fun making all of this stuff for people!!

7/8" 2 yards Ribbon $2.99 + $1.19 shipping

Obviously with the orange/blue/white theme
$12.00 sent to you & you print yourself - no shipping

Favor ideas, but pricey.. so just an idea

Made with 6 washcloths - can make myself - possibly decoration on main table
$8.00 + $6.00 shipping, does come in box with ribbons
Kinda the colors I'm thinking of, but a little brighter blue

One of the first 'favors' I looked at.. can make myself too.
1-30 kits $0.90 / 31-60 kits $0.80 / 61+ $0.70
Each kit includes bag, ribbon, and clothes - no candy included
Shipping fee depends on amount

This again would be main table decoration
4 cupcakes includes 4 size one diapers, 2 pairs 0-6 socks,
 4 baby washcloths, and packaging shown in the second picture.
$20.00 + $8.00 shipping

I'm sure there will be more to come. As you can see, I THINK I'm liking the zoo animal theme, brighter colors.. blues, whites, oranges, yellows.. maybe some reds in there. 

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