Yummy Candles by Victoria!

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I know, what do candles have to do with pregnancy? They smell good, they're relaxing, they're pretty to look at.. and all mommies like candles :)

CBV, otherwise known as Candles By Victoria, is a great company ran by Victoria, her husband Matt, their daughter Chelsea, and a few other amazing helpers. Victoria has been running this business over 10 years.. first starting from home and now she's got a great website (and store front if you live in Texas!). Get this.. not only are their scent shots, tart warmers, different size candles - she currently has 640 scents to pick from. 640! That is absolutely insane to me.. and what a great insanity it is. Trust me, you're going to find something you like!

By shopping within categories (by clicking on scents on the left side of the website and going to the bottom of the page).. you can go straight to the type of scents you like because of course some people love bakery scents while others only like tropical or clean scents.

I actually won a candle last year and I choose Very Irresistible.. oh my gosh, it was a great smell. It smelled like bubblegum, but when you lit the candle, you got an aroma of other yummy smells from it. 

Recently she made a new Sweet Treats line (10 candles - page 18 under candles) and a Comfort Line (8 candles - page 17 under candles.. I had trouble finding these) and I just wanted to post a few pictures from it. Maybe it's because I'm pregnant, but when she showed these on her Youtube, I wanted to eat them! Haha. That's why I don't go looking at soaping sites either, lol.

Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats




Make sure you go on and check her out! The prices are great and the scents are awesome. If you have any questions on what you should get, Youtube has tons of reviews of her products :)

*These are pictures from Candles By Victoria and I wasn't compensated at all for this post.. I'm entering a contest she's having for a $50 giftcard :)

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