Target Baby Registry Goody Bag

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This post is for soon-to-be mommy's who haven't registered for their baby yet. When you register through Target, you get an awesome little goody bag so I'm gonna show you what all you get! I'm sure they're premade so I don't know if they're all the same, but you'll get an idea! If you're like me and like surprises in these types of gifts, don't read further because I'm posting pictures of it all!

P.S. I first registered online and they sent me a huge magazine type book that has basically like.. everything Target Baby that they sell. I didn't get a magazine from the in-store place, so I think you might have to start your registry online for it? I didn't even know I was getting one from signing up until it came.. maybe 6 weeks later?

Random picture of my youngest fur baby because I accidentally opened it, haha.

Goody Bag!

Comes with a $1 off attached for Target Cafe.

Diaper sample (inside this are diaper and wipes coupons) and a small travel/sample wipes pack, $20 off at, Johnson's Baby Lotion mini, 1 breastmilk storage bag to try, and 2 disposable nursing pads.

TONS of coupons.. one includes a free pack of little formula's and as you can see, lots of great coupons for formula, wipes, etc. I might send out these coupons to someone who needs them because I'm not sure I'll use them all!

This lists things you might need (different cribs for different ages, car seats for each stage, etc) as well as baby things you'll need up to 12+ months, very helpful!

Hope you like! I have a (very) small clothes haul from Walmart coming up and I have my ultrasound tomorrow. I rescheduled my follow up because of ride issues so I get to go in tomorrow for it. Who thinks he's at least a pound now?! He was 12 ounces 3 weeks ago! The ultrasound tech gave us a few extra pictures of him last time we had an 'emergency check up' (when dr couldn't find his heartbeat bc of my tilted uterus) so I'm hoping she'll give me a few pictures, we'll see :)

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