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Healthy baby boy! :)

Quite a fun ultrasound. It didn't take her long to find out what he was. She scanned over it, said 'oh look', and I said 'AH IT'S A BOY' and everyone got excited. It was pretty cool to tell everyone, haha. The ultrasound tech laughed because she didn't have to tell me and everyone is very excited :)

Obvious boy parts

Fingerssss.. we, the tech included, thought it was funny. He was on his belly, but had his hand down by his boy part.. go figure, huh? LOL

..and more fingers!

Gettin' all comfy.. hole is his umbilical cord :)

Heartbeat 145bpm

Profile.. he was trying to suck his thumb.

Another leg/foot shot, haha.

A foot

He weighs 12 ounces (she said 16 ounces is a pound.. he's so big!) and is 10 inches long. I was told everything looks great (referring to himself of course and the stupid blood test.. don't get the stupid quad screen). My next appointment is all kinds of fun, lol. I have to go in at 9 in the morning again and I get another ultrasound because he was facing my spine and she needs pictures of his face and heart anddd I get to do my glucose test then too, haha. I'm not dreading the taste 'cause I heard it wasn't bad, I'm just dreading the jitters. How was yours?

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