Gift Onesies & 1st Sleep Sack

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Today we went out to run over to our favorite baby store.. but it was hot and this momma was not feeling good at all. The heat is really killing me while being pregnant, lol. I picked a few things, but we're trying to save money, are already low on money, and of course have a baby shower in August (plus gifts <3 we've been getting). But I seen this cute sleep sack and we don't have any of these at all. I got it for $1.75 :) I just realize the sleeves have attached hand covers too.

0-3 months

To explain that you should try out a baby resale shop if you have one. This is a Child of Mine Carter's outfit, which runs about $12.00 on their website.. and it's just like new! We did have to search a few to find one we like, but we love the one we've picked! They know us already!

This is the print.. animals playing sports :)

Then I got a package in the mail today. Package and mail are two of my favorite words :) My grandma sent us 2 little onesies and they're super adorable :)

I'll post my Target goody bag post soon, I keep forgetting :P Until next time..

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