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I was a little sad earlier as the guy from the apartment called and things are a little iffy. We might still get it though, so we're going to take the money down for the background checks for us and we'll go from there. I was really upset because I planned on taking the money down tomorrow and getting it, but it didn't work that way so I can just hope for the best from here. We still definitely have a chance to get it, it might just take a little longer.

So needless to say, I got my card today from my out-of-state family that had money towards my diaper party last Sunday.. and my boyfriend nicely (he was tired from work and didn't want to go anywhere) took me out to Toys R Us (because they always have a deal - stay tuned for it!) to buy a few things. I absolutely love all things baby.. in case you haven't noticed (so does he, haha) :)

Toys R Us seems to always have deals, so we went there first before Target and ended up making the right choice. If you buy a 92 count or more of certain diapers (Huggies and Pampers were included), you get 50% off a big box of wipes up to a 576 count. The diapers were $41 something, the wipes were $15 something, so we spent about $50 for all that stuff! And then I got his first pack of washcloths. They're bright neon colors and I love them!

So now, here's our stash as of today. The big box of 1-2's we got a few months ago (I think I was only about 3 months pregnant lol) and the rest are from family and friends from our diaper party :) Plus we have a 576 count of wipes, a 360 count of wipes, and a couple normal sized wipes packs.

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