Baby Book & Collective Clothes Haul!

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First, we picked out a baby book today :)

(Target) $14.99 The girl version is cute too :)

It's actually a very nice baby book, I was impressed. There's 76 pages (for the same price as like a 10 page one from Walmart) it's super cute and has room for just about everything. It is brighter colors, my lighting just sucks. I really love it :) A friend has the girl version and she loves hers as well!

Hi, my name is Stephine and I have a baby clothes shopping problem.. and so does my boyfriend, lol. About a week ago, we went to both of the baby resale shops and stopped at Target. We had just found out we were having a little boy.. so this stuff is from that and then we got the daddy shirt and frog things from Target today :)

P.S. I had a $20 giftcard for Target which is how we got the baby book and helped pay for the outfits. When you sign up for their baby registry, you get a great goody bag! I'll do a post on that soon!

(Resale Shop) 3-6 months $2.00

(Resale Shop) 3-6 months $3.00

up close :)

(Resale Shop) 3-6 months $1.50

(Resale Shop) 6-9 months $2.99

close up and the feet :)

(Resale Shop) 0-3 months $2.99

up close :) mommy loves monkeys!

(Resale Shop) 12 months $7.00

Nike - Ohio State

(Target) 0-3 months $7.99

We need warmer 0-3 months

So we got these :)

Picked this up from a local carnival 6-9 months $6.00

Gift from my mommy, in case you can't tell lol 12 months 

(Target) 6 months Sale $3.50

I might have a baby frog addiction. Target - $7.99

6 months

6 months

6 months

That's it.. for now. Gotta save up money for bigger things and attempt to wait out any more shopping until our baby shower, which is now scheduled for August 21st! :) I'm excited.. and nervous!

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