New Prenatals

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(I just blogged yesterday, check out our diaper stash!)

We had a night run out to Walmart and just got back a few minutes ago. Daddy's check came in and he got himself 2 games for his XBOX360. I think it's the only thing he's got himself since he started working and it's the only thing he'll be able to get for awhile so I wasn't saying no, haha.

I went to pick up more vitamins because I'm almost out of the ones I'm currently taking. I wanted to post like a mini first impressions in case some girls are like me. I was taking Flintstone Completes (my doctor did approve these) because I was scared prenatals would give me morning sickness. Now that I'm past that point, I seen the bottle with a big, giant "PRENATALS" printed on it right beside those vitamins and looked at the dosages.

The Vitamin & Price Comparisons:

Baby Stuff = Happy Mommy :)

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I was a little sad earlier as the guy from the apartment called and things are a little iffy. We might still get it though, so we're going to take the money down for the background checks for us and we'll go from there. I was really upset because I planned on taking the money down tomorrow and getting it, but it didn't work that way so I can just hope for the best from here. We still definitely have a chance to get it, it might just take a little longer.

So needless to say, I got my card today from my out-of-state family that had money towards my diaper party last Sunday.. and my boyfriend nicely (he was tired from work and didn't want to go anywhere) took me out to Toys R Us (because they always have a deal - stay tuned for it!) to buy a few things. I absolutely love all things baby.. in case you haven't noticed (so does he, haha) :)

Toys R Us seems to always have deals, so we went there first before Target and ended up making the right choice. If you buy a 92 count or more of certain diapers (Huggies and Pampers were included), you get 50% off a big box of wipes up to a 576 count. The diapers were $41 something, the wipes were $15 something, so we spent about $50 for all that stuff! And then I got his first pack of washcloths. They're bright neon colors and I love them!

So now, here's our stash as of today. The big box of 1-2's we got a few months ago (I think I was only about 3 months pregnant lol) and the rest are from family and friends from our diaper party :) Plus we have a 576 count of wipes, a 360 count of wipes, and a couple normal sized wipes packs.

Walmart, Ebay & Resale Shop Haul

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So, especially with what's going on lately (we're very close to hopefully getting our own apartment), we've had to cut way down on baby shopping. This absolutely sucks because we both love baby stuff, especially the clothes. Sometimes I just look at the clothes and try to imagine my little monster in them :) So anyway, here's a quick clothes haul from the past few weeks! (And a quick belly shot from today!)

Walmart Clearance $7.00 0-3 months

Kali Vise Handmade

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I'm an avid supporter of home based companies, whether it be they're selling makeup, soap, jewelry, or in this case.. adorable baby stuff! I may be a little biased because I think just about anything baby is the most adorable thing ever (well, almost anything), but I think you'll agree with me once I get going :)

I have not (yet) purchased from this shop before, nor have I received anything at all for this post so I cannot vouch for quick shipping or customer service (though I've heard nothing bad!), but I have talked to Kali just a little bit and she's the sweetest! Anyway, I just want to blog about Kali's awesome handmade items so that others can enjoy. I learned about her company through SamSchuerman on Youtube (probably the sweetest mommy vlogger ever!) when she received a package from Kali and I absolutely fell in love with the blanket she received.. and I'm going to support anything that I like!

*I would love to work from home making things that make people happy*

Kali Vise Handmade specializes in stylish handmade home decor, fun accessories and cute baby items.All of the items in my shop are fully customizable, created in a smoke free environment and are made from quality materials. New items added weekly! If you want something that isn't pictured, please message me and let mek now what you'd like! I Love creating custom pieces!!

Everything you buy from her can be customized to your liking. She sells blankets, headbands, binky clips, burp cloths, and blanket sets. (Blanket sets are a blanket, burp cloth, and binky clip in one package.) Click her Etsy shop for more.. (or her facebook!) as she also sells other things like wedding items!

Gosh, I ramble a lot.. without further ado, here are pictures show casing her work. All pictures belong to her, I did not take them! Remember, these are just examples, she does custom work!

Binky Clips


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This was too funny not to document. I just had a Braxton Hicks probably 5 minutes before this (full bladder.. I just get so tired of peeing!) and got kinda nervous that I was having another one. Ahhh, no.. I laid down flat on my back and this is what I see.. someone's little butt sticking out. He must have been trying to get comfy, lol.

I am completely flat in this LOL

I also felt his foot (I think.. he's been head down forever now) earlier. My computer moved up a little bit (I don't set it on me all the way, just the bottom part a little) and I put my hand there and I felt a body part! Like I felt him pushing and pull away, not just a kick.. it was awesome!

23 weeks & Diaper Party!

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First, let's just get the 'holy crap' out of the way, I turned 23 weeks pregnant today! I'll be 6 months pregnant in a week and that's just crazy!

Baby boy is nice and healthy.. a little too healthy, lol. I had my follow up ultrasound on Thursday.. we still didn't get great pictures of his face, but we got good enough ones. His heart, face, kidneys, and my amniotic fluid are all great! He weighed a whopping 1 pound 5 ounces and I'm only measuring 3 days ahead!

Target Baby Registry Goody Bag

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This post is for soon-to-be mommy's who haven't registered for their baby yet. When you register through Target, you get an awesome little goody bag so I'm gonna show you what all you get! I'm sure they're premade so I don't know if they're all the same, but you'll get an idea! If you're like me and like surprises in these types of gifts, don't read further because I'm posting pictures of it all!

P.S. I first registered online and they sent me a huge magazine type book that has basically like.. everything Target Baby that they sell. I didn't get a magazine from the in-store place, so I think you might have to start your registry online for it? I didn't even know I was getting one from signing up until it came.. maybe 6 weeks later?

Random picture of my youngest fur baby because I accidentally opened it, haha.

Goody Bag!

Comes with a $1 off attached for Target Cafe.

Diaper sample (inside this are diaper and wipes coupons) and a small travel/sample wipes pack, $20 off at, Johnson's Baby Lotion mini, 1 breastmilk storage bag to try, and 2 disposable nursing pads.

TONS of coupons.. one includes a free pack of little formula's and as you can see, lots of great coupons for formula, wipes, etc. I might send out these coupons to someone who needs them because I'm not sure I'll use them all!

This lists things you might need (different cribs for different ages, car seats for each stage, etc) as well as baby things you'll need up to 12+ months, very helpful!

Hope you like! I have a (very) small clothes haul from Walmart coming up and I have my ultrasound tomorrow. I rescheduled my follow up because of ride issues so I get to go in tomorrow for it. Who thinks he's at least a pound now?! He was 12 ounces 3 weeks ago! The ultrasound tech gave us a few extra pictures of him last time we had an 'emergency check up' (when dr couldn't find his heartbeat bc of my tilted uterus) so I'm hoping she'll give me a few pictures, we'll see :)

22 weeks!

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Oh my.. 22.. are you kidding me?! I still go back to the day I found out, I was a little over 4 weeks pregnant. February 17th. I wanted a belly right then and there and now I stare at it every time I see a mirror :) I just posted on Twitter.. "i always click on my profile pictures, especially this newest one.. not bc i'm conceited, but because i never thought that would be me." and it's so true. My current profile picture is the one you see to the right from my 21w 5d picture :) There's a comparison picture a few blogs down from last time I wore that. Anyway, onto the fun part :)

that watermelon has been my go to lately, yum!

Gift Onesies & 1st Sleep Sack

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Today we went out to run over to our favorite baby store.. but it was hot and this momma was not feeling good at all. The heat is really killing me while being pregnant, lol. I picked a few things, but we're trying to save money, are already low on money, and of course have a baby shower in August (plus gifts <3 we've been getting). But I seen this cute sleep sack and we don't have any of these at all. I got it for $1.75 :) I just realize the sleeves have attached hand covers too.

0-3 months

To explain that you should try out a baby resale shop if you have one. This is a Child of Mine Carter's outfit, which runs about $12.00 on their website.. and it's just like new! We did have to search a few to find one we like, but we love the one we've picked! They know us already!

This is the print.. animals playing sports :)

Then I got a package in the mail today. Package and mail are two of my favorite words :) My grandma sent us 2 little onesies and they're super adorable :)

I'll post my Target goody bag post soon, I keep forgetting :P Until next time..

Outfit Comparison

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Well.. with a growing belly comes change in outfits. This is the second time I've wore this outfit (for some reason only the second.. I love it though! lol) so I had to post a side by side once I looked at them together!

I got 2 outfits in the mail and bought 1 sleep sack, I'll post 'em later!

Yummy Candles by Victoria!

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I know, what do candles have to do with pregnancy? They smell good, they're relaxing, they're pretty to look at.. and all mommies like candles :)

CBV, otherwise known as Candles By Victoria, is a great company ran by Victoria, her husband Matt, their daughter Chelsea, and a few other amazing helpers. Victoria has been running this business over 10 years.. first starting from home and now she's got a great website (and store front if you live in Texas!). Get this.. not only are their scent shots, tart warmers, different size candles - she currently has 640 scents to pick from. 640! That is absolutely insane to me.. and what a great insanity it is. Trust me, you're going to find something you like!

By shopping within categories (by clicking on scents on the left side of the website and going to the bottom of the page).. you can go straight to the type of scents you like because of course some people love bakery scents while others only like tropical or clean scents.

I actually won a candle last year and I choose Very Irresistible.. oh my gosh, it was a great smell. It smelled like bubblegum, but when you lit the candle, you got an aroma of other yummy smells from it. 

Recently she made a new Sweet Treats line (10 candles - page 18 under candles) and a Comfort Line (8 candles - page 17 under candles.. I had trouble finding these) and I just wanted to post a few pictures from it. Maybe it's because I'm pregnant, but when she showed these on her Youtube, I wanted to eat them! Haha. That's why I don't go looking at soaping sites either, lol.

Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

Baby's First Outfit & Bibs!

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We got baby's first full outfit and bibs today from his grandma (Donnie's mom) and it's adorable. I think I'm just a sucker for all baby clothes.. well most anyway, haha. I'm excited because it's a 0-3 months and the only 0-3 months we really have are onesies and he's going to be here in October, yep do the math.. well the weather math - it's gonna be cold for him! Just wanted to post pictures for anyone who reads :)

21 weeks!

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Baby Book & Collective Clothes Haul!

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First, we picked out a baby book today :)

(Target) $14.99 The girl version is cute too :)

It's actually a very nice baby book, I was impressed. There's 76 pages (for the same price as like a 10 page one from Walmart) it's super cute and has room for just about everything. It is brighter colors, my lighting just sucks. I really love it :) A friend has the girl version and she loves hers as well!

Hi, my name is Stephine and I have a baby clothes shopping problem.. and so does my boyfriend, lol. About a week ago, we went to both of the baby resale shops and stopped at Target. We had just found out we were having a little boy.. so this stuff is from that and then we got the daddy shirt and frog things from Target today :)

P.S. I had a $20 giftcard for Target which is how we got the baby book and helped pay for the outfits. When you sign up for their baby registry, you get a great goody bag! I'll do a post on that soon!

(Resale Shop) 3-6 months $2.00

(Resale Shop) 3-6 months $3.00

up close :)

(Resale Shop) 3-6 months $1.50

(Resale Shop) 6-9 months $2.99

close up and the feet :)

(Resale Shop) 0-3 months $2.99

up close :) mommy loves monkeys!

(Resale Shop) 12 months $7.00

Nike - Ohio State

(Target) 0-3 months $7.99

We need warmer 0-3 months

So we got these :)

Picked this up from a local carnival 6-9 months $6.00

Gift from my mommy, in case you can't tell lol 12 months 

(Target) 6 months Sale $3.50

I might have a baby frog addiction. Target - $7.99

6 months

6 months

6 months

That's it.. for now. Gotta save up money for bigger things and attempt to wait out any more shopping until our baby shower, which is now scheduled for August 21st! :) I'm excited.. and nervous!

How do I cure my itchy, ever-growing belly? Read my lotion review :)

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion Review

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I've had this lotion since I got pregnant.. my mom ran out to buy it for me almost the second I told her, haha. That was.. a long time ago. I was 4 weeks and 4 days pregnant when I found out and I think I got it around 5-6 weeks. I didn't put it on because well.. I'm lazy when it comes to stuff like that and it just seemed like a hassle. Besides, it's lotion.. who cares?

Well, my recently itchy, 20 weeks pregnant belly cares! The past few days I've been putting it on morning and night.. and any time in between I get itchy. It really helps relieve the itch. 

Before I even start, the one con I want to mention is the smell. it's not horrible and most of it fades after it soaks into your skin. You're not going to smell it afterwards unless you smell your belly.. and if you're pregnant that's nearly impossible, haha.

Be careful if you're allergic to Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, etc.. and they don't test on animals which is always a plus :)

I put about half a pump on my arm (I normally use a full pump for my belly button down and another pump for above that and then my boobs) and I rubbed that in for about 10-15 seconds.

This is the part I love about this product. It's a very thick lotion. After rubbing that spot in for 10-15 seconds, that whole bunch right there went all over my arm because it took me a minute to rub it all in. When I put it on my belly, I like to let it soak in for a few minutes before pulling my shirt down because you will get a wet feeling. This lotion is very heavy, but that's what I love about it.

Even after hours of wear (and sweating, THE HEAT!) you can still feel the moisture on your skin from the lotion, so I have no doubt that it's going to help (I can't say prevent, I have no prior use and I'm not sure they are preventable, but you can try) from getting stretch marks on my ever growing belly. 

I'm just now getting to the point to where my belly is really tight unless I'm laying down because baby boy is growing like a weed. This really helps with the itching and it helps give my skin some relief since it hydrates your skin and makes it more 'elastic' while your little one grows :)

20 WEEKS!!

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We're half way there.. maybe more or less, but I'm 20 weeks today and that's exciting. 5 months pregnant is like.. so insane compared to the whole month and 4 days when I found out! Sleeping is definitely becoming a chore more than a relaxation the past few days. If you compare my other belly pictures, he's moved up quite a bit.

My next appointment is in the beginning of July. I get another ultrasound (because she needs face & heart pictures and he was on his belly towards my spine for the anatomy scan) and I get to do my glucose test.

IT'S A..

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Healthy baby boy! :)

Quite a fun ultrasound. It didn't take her long to find out what he was. She scanned over it, said 'oh look', and I said 'AH IT'S A BOY' and everyone got excited. It was pretty cool to tell everyone, haha. The ultrasound tech laughed because she didn't have to tell me and everyone is very excited :)

Obvious boy parts

Fingerssss.. we, the tech included, thought it was funny. He was on his belly, but had his hand down by his boy part.. go figure, huh? LOL

..and more fingers!

Gettin' all comfy.. hole is his umbilical cord :)

Heartbeat 145bpm

Profile.. he was trying to suck his thumb.

Another leg/foot shot, haha.

A foot

He weighs 12 ounces (she said 16 ounces is a pound.. he's so big!) and is 10 inches long. I was told everything looks great (referring to himself of course and the stupid blood test.. don't get the stupid quad screen). My next appointment is all kinds of fun, lol. I have to go in at 9 in the morning again and I get another ultrasound because he was facing my spine and she needs pictures of his face and heart anddd I get to do my glucose test then too, haha. I'm not dreading the taste 'cause I heard it wasn't bad, I'm just dreading the jitters. How was yours?

Up next: 
- Target Baby Registry Goody Bag
- Baby clothes haul (resale shop & one from target)