23 weeks & Diaper Party!

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First, let's just get the 'holy crap' out of the way, I turned 23 weeks pregnant today! I'll be 6 months pregnant in a week and that's just crazy!

Baby boy is nice and healthy.. a little too healthy, lol. I had my follow up ultrasound on Thursday.. we still didn't get great pictures of his face, but we got good enough ones. His heart, face, kidneys, and my amniotic fluid are all great! He weighed a whopping 1 pound 5 ounces and I'm only measuring 3 days ahead!

Since only a few people I personally know (that I know of) read my blog, I'm not going to post pictures of all the people on here from my diaper party just for privacy reasons, but I'll post a few of bf and I and what all I got! Diapers and wipes and.. oh I'm so excited to hold him!!

The diaper party was a surprise from my mom! I found out a few days ahead of time, but I was thankful because with my anxiety, I would have been scared had everyone just showed up. But I had lots of fun, I enjoyed myself, and I didn't get scared at all. Maybe it's because I was at home or something, but I had fun and that's what mattered. I'm actually excited for a baby shower now!

my momma.

they wanted THAT balloon in MY shirt lol

kinda fit in the back, haha.





not a flattering picture, i'm NOT photogenic, lol.

not a great picture, but the most decent one lol

23 weeks pregnant with the love of my life!

i'm smiling, i'm just really tired by this point.

the after, haha.

everything i got!

cute jordan socks, i think this completes the outfit!

my best friend got me this and i LOVE it. it fits us perfectly for sure!

shower caddy for the hospital.

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