Resale Shopping AGAIN!

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Finally. I've been wanting a boppy forever.. when we first went shopping (when we first kinda found out and had the extra money) I bought a boppy. I ended up taking it back because it was a boppy, but it was a 'newborn sitter' and I wouldn't have been able to use it to breastfeed, let alone have the baby use it like a regular one. I passed on getting a new one then.. and I'm glad I did.

New boppys are $30.. at least that's the cheapest I've seen them. I got some money that I was owed today and Donnie told me to go out there and get the boppy I'd seen at one of the resale shops because the first time we went I loved it. It's not one with a cover, but I can handwash it and it's still the same size so I can buy other covers for it :)

So cute, doesn't show up, but it's a gorgeous sky blue.


Seen this and grabbed it! Newborn $0.49

Not getting too many newborns, but this is Pooh and cheap!

Donnie wanted this bath robe so bad last time we were there, but it was $3.49 and we didn't have the money. Today we seen that they have a sale on certain days for moms-to-be and I told him to grab it :)

Doggy hood, he loves it. We're hoping for a boy, but a cute baby girl can definitely wear this too! It's a 0-9 months size.

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    Aww, cute stuff! I love looking at your baby stuff updates :)

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