Positives and well, more positives.

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My first Mother's Day was quite awesome.. I turned 16 weeks pregnant and I got to feel my baby kick for the first time! It happened a few times, it was about 11pm - I was laying in bed on my laptop and all of a sudden I felt like I got poked on my belly.. from the inside! Haha. It was a cool feeling. I thought I'd felt it here and there, but this time with 3 little pokes in a row in the same spot, I knew it wasn't gas or something random. I posted it on my Facebook and someone told me to push on my belly and it should kick back. I pushed on my belly and waited a second and I felt it again in a different spot. Ever since Sunday night when I felt it, I've been feeling it every day. It's not a lot since of course the baby is still small. I'm mainly feeling it when I'm laying down, but today I felt it while riding in the car. That was awesome because we were moving (not on a bumpy road though) and I felt it!

With that said, I think I'm further along than they're saying.. or at least I'm hoping. (Or maybe I'm carrying twins and they missed it, twice lol) I got my quad screen results back today and my Down Syndrome came back abnormal. I don't really understand the ratios, but if you do, it's supposed to be >1 out of 270 and mine is 1:122. I ended up bawling my eyes out, but a lot of people made me feel better. Also knowing and confirming with the nurse that there's like a 90-95% false positive rate, which I knew before I did the test. I wish I hadn't even done it at this point because we're going to keep and love the baby either way and the false positive rate is so high.

This means we do get to find out the gender early, well, I'm assuming they'll tell us. We have to drive like an hour away (boo. i'm glad my anxiety is at a minimum b/c normally I wouldn't be able to make this trip - hoping it goes well) to get a level 2 ultrasound done. It's at a great hospital here in Ohio. I get to do that on May 25th and I was supposed to have my anatomy scan June 2nd with my doctor (assuming I still will) so I'm hoping they'll tell us. Here's to things being absolutely fine. I won't be getting an amniocentesis if the ultrasound doesn't work or whatever makes them suggest one. The risks to myself and the baby are pointless to put in the situation because either way, they can't treat it. If you've came to my blog from searching, even if you have to, or well are suggested the amnio, 95% of babies are negative. That's a very high false positive rate!

Like I said, I'm assuming I'm further along than they think which would make my hormone levels/everything else off. My baby measured 3 days ahead at the first ultrasound and 5 or 6 at the second, but she said she wasn't changing the date and that she was going by my last menstrual cycle.

Here's a picture from today. This is in the late afternoon so I'm sure I'm a little bloated than I would be in the morning (my post before this shows what I look like in the morning from my 16 week post) but.. I dunno, opinions are welcome :) I love my belly though, haha.

Needless to say, I am worried because.. it's my baby. But we're all pretty confident in these false positives that freakin everyone gets. So here's good and bad news.. but I'm focusing on these awesome baby kicks :) I can't wait for them to get stronger and more often.

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