Kicks & Giggles

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Well, baby is kicking (or punching!) and I'm giggling. We won't hear the baby giggle for a little while longer :) Like I said last post, the baby hasn't stopped moving (a few times, a couple times a day) since I turned 16 weeks. This along with the newest discovery, that I can feel my baby kick if I lay my hand on my belly after he/she has been kicking a few times and I can feel the baby kick!! - has me definitely sure that I'm a little further along that 16 weeks. I was 120-125 pounds before I got pregnant and I dropped down to 110 or 111 I think (I was back up to 118 as of my last appt a week ago) it was, but even being this tiny, I don't think at 16 wks 5d I'd be feeling baby kick with MY HAND. I felt it multiple times in the same spot and then again on the other side, so I'm positive it wasn't gas. It felt the same at the kicks do on the inside. I'm just absolutely amazed by all of this and I can't wait to go to my 20 week scan (June 2nd - 20 days left!) to see how far I really am (I could not be ahead, but I dunno..), to see if I'm having an adorable little prince or princess, and to see how big this little one is! We are absolutely excited for this next appointment!

Have you had a pregnancy where you felt things this early? Here's a picture I took the night before last of my belly, it's quite big, haha. It was a little bit bloated, but I had been so busy that day I didn't eat a whole lot.. and I compared it to my belly the next morning with a quick picture. I get bigger as the day goes on, but not by much!

(Taken at 16wks 3days)

Either way, I'm so excited. This pregnancy thing just gets more awesome. It's so much more than I expected it to be and I love it. I'm so glad that I've had (and hope to keep having!) a great pregnancy. The only thing I hate is if I'm laying down and I get up, my right hip pinches pretty bad in my back until I get moving.. and it's still awesome!

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