I'm a rockstar.. or a gymnast or a fighter.

Posted by Stephine on Saturday, May 28, 2011. Filed under: ,

I'm not sure what my baby is just yet, haha. Just 10 minutes ago I felt baby actually roll with my hand. I've felt the baby kind of roll around a few times while just laying down, but I had my hand on my belly because he/she was kicking a few times and I felt his/her whole body roll across my hand! Pregnancy is definitely such a neat thing :)

Thursday is the big day! Boy or Girl?! :)

P.S. Sorry posts have been slow. Nothing to update on with pregnancy so far besides a backache, but that's normal. And I'll start doing new beauty posts as soon as I get a new memory card because I like reviews with nice pictures and my webcam isn't good for that :p I will post my 19 WEEK! picture tomorrow!

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