Baby Clothes & Maternity Tops!

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Today my grandma gave me some money and wanted me to go get some maternity tops because I'm slowly quickly growing out of my clothes. I like tight clothing.. especially when picking my shirts. Ever since last year, I've been in love with tanks and camis. They're so comfy, you don't sweat them off (even though I wear them in the winter time) but with my ever growing belly, they're starting to get short and obviously I'm going to be growing quite a bit bigger since I have like 5 months left!

With maternity tops, I still want tighter clothes. I'm so excited to be pregnant during summer (well for the most part lol) because I want to show off my belly. We went to the baby resale shop that we love and I only found one top there that I liked. Then Donnie decided to go baby clothes shopping without me (we really didn't have the money this time around), but I love baby clothes so how could I say no? Haha. Then we stopped at Target, but they're maternity clothes are expensive and what I did like that was on sale wasn't fitting me for long (and I was exhausted by this point) so I got 2 tops from there.

My favorite! 0-6 months $3.00

6-9 months $3.00

0-3 months $3.50

This came with a yellow diaper cover bottom too.

(Target) Favorite one - Large Sale $7.00

(Not my belly button, I need a maternity belly ring!)

XXL (The medium didn't fit and they didn't have a large)

(Target) Sale $6.48'll be good for when I get bigger. LOVE the material.

(Resale Shop)  Medium

$2.00 looks cuter in person!

9 days til we find out boy or girl.. then you'll see a big baby haul! :)

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    Thanks for the comments! :) I really like the last shirt!! Super cute.

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