Best Magazine Ever?!

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Okay, maybe I'm just a baby-stuff-junkie. Even before I got pregnant, I always eyed it.. for years. I used to drag my boyfriend just to look, but it's so much more fun to look at now for our own baby. Anyway, I got a Target Baby Registry book in the mail today! I filled out the thing online to start one, but I didn't know they'd be sending me this huge book of everything-baby-ever sold by Target. I think boyfriend thought I might pee myself because he asked if I was overwhelmed. Uh no.. I LOVE mail (that's not bills or junk) and I LOVE baby stuff. This works out perfect because we find out what we're having on THURSDAY and after that comes the registry :)

Breastfeeding & Pumping Schedule

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If you're a breastfeeding mommy (nothing wrong if you aren't!), what's your breastfeeding schedule if you're feeding straight from the boob and pumping. I'm only buying the 'no confusion' bottles, but I do want to pump to 1) make it easier on me 2) so boyfriend can feed baby as well. So I'll be pumping and freezing or just pumping and him feeding when I'm not feeding baby myself and I want to know the best way to do that. I don't want to pump too much, confuse baby, or not pump enough.

My first..

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Braxton Hicks!

I just got my first one a little bit ago and why not document it on here. We're not getting a baby book for a little longer, so my blog is my book :p It was weird. The baby was moving around, I was laying down, and all of a sudden it felt like the baby had just stretched realllllly big, so I felt my belly and the lower part of it (where the baby has been sitting for weeeeeks) was really hard. It was a pretty cool feeling :) Haha. It's awesome that your body just does all these things by itself. I can't wait to hold our little boy or girl.. when he/she is fully cooked of course :)

19 weeks!

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Sorry for the crappy pictures, not feeling good today, but I wanted to put one up! I am super excited to be 19 weeks because I'm almost half way there and we find out Thursday what we're having :) I remember finding out that I was pregnant (I found out at 4 weeks 4 days!) and thinking it'd take me like 3 years to get this far, haha. Once you start counting week by week it goes pretty fast! I'm excited to be showing more and to feel the baby kicking (I've felt this since 16 weeks - with my hand!!)/ROLLING. I'm so excited to be pregnant during summer. I always wanted that to happen so I could show off my belly.. but this heat is killer!

I'm a rockstar.. or a gymnast or a fighter.

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I'm not sure what my baby is just yet, haha. Just 10 minutes ago I felt baby actually roll with my hand. I've felt the baby kind of roll around a few times while just laying down, but I had my hand on my belly because he/she was kicking a few times and I felt his/her whole body roll across my hand! Pregnancy is definitely such a neat thing :)

Thursday is the big day! Boy or Girl?! :)

P.S. Sorry posts have been slow. Nothing to update on with pregnancy so far besides a backache, but that's normal. And I'll start doing new beauty posts as soon as I get a new memory card because I like reviews with nice pictures and my webcam isn't good for that :p I will post my 19 WEEK! picture tomorrow!

Free Green Bag Tag for CVS

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If you shop at CVS then you know about Extra bucks. We scanned our CVS card today like normal and there was a coupon for a Free Green Bag Tag. Every time you go in and use your reusable bag (can be any reusable bag/a big purse? lol) and have them scan your Bag Tag and your CVS card. For every 4th scan you get $1 back in Extrabucks!

Baby Clothes & Maternity Tops!

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Today my grandma gave me some money and wanted me to go get some maternity tops because I'm slowly quickly growing out of my clothes. I like tight clothing.. especially when picking my shirts. Ever since last year, I've been in love with tanks and camis. They're so comfy, you don't sweat them off (even though I wear them in the winter time) but with my ever growing belly, they're starting to get short and obviously I'm going to be growing quite a bit bigger since I have like 5 months left!

With maternity tops, I still want tighter clothes. I'm so excited to be pregnant during summer (well for the most part lol) because I want to show off my belly. We went to the baby resale shop that we love and I only found one top there that I liked. Then Donnie decided to go baby clothes shopping without me (we really didn't have the money this time around), but I love baby clothes so how could I say no? Haha. Then we stopped at Target, but they're maternity clothes are expensive and what I did like that was on sale wasn't fitting me for long (and I was exhausted by this point) so I got 2 tops from there.

My favorite! 0-6 months $3.00

6-9 months $3.00

0-3 months $3.50

This came with a yellow diaper cover bottom too.

(Target) Favorite one - Large Sale $7.00

(Not my belly button, I need a maternity belly ring!)

XXL (The medium didn't fit and they didn't have a large)

(Target) Sale $6.48'll be good for when I get bigger. LOVE the material.

(Resale Shop)  Medium

$2.00 looks cuter in person!

9 days til we find out boy or girl.. then you'll see a big baby haul! :)

18 weeks!

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11 days til we find out boy or girl! :)

Congrats to Dre on having baby Carson on May 19th!!

Things are going well for us. Neither of us can wait for the ultrasound (or well.. neither can anyone haha) to see what we're having. I think baby is moving up a little bit. I've been able to feel kicking since I turned 16 weeks (great mother's day present!), but within the last few days they've became less often and less stronger. This morning I did feel the baby kick (with my hand) but it's a few inches up from right above my pubic bone where I've been feeling it and they aren't as strong. That's pretty exciting. I can't wait for the bigger kicks and punches.. as long as they don't keep me up all night and aren't painful, but who doesn't get that, haha. I'm just happy to have this baby and have had a great pregnancy.

Cheap Wipes!

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If you get the Sunday paper, look inside of the Smart Source section if you've still got them. There's a $1.00 off coupon for Huggies Pull-Ups Flushable Moist Wipes and they cost $1.46 (price may vary, I've seen a few sites say $1.64, $0.64 still isn't bad!).. $0.46 is not a bad price for wipes!

I won't post a bunch of these, but I'm trying to get at least a little into couponing because saving money is always the best option and why not start now when all these people are willing to help! Source: Here

17 weeks!

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Kicks & Giggles

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Well, baby is kicking (or punching!) and I'm giggling. We won't hear the baby giggle for a little while longer :) Like I said last post, the baby hasn't stopped moving (a few times, a couple times a day) since I turned 16 weeks. This along with the newest discovery, that I can feel my baby kick if I lay my hand on my belly after he/she has been kicking a few times and I can feel the baby kick!! - has me definitely sure that I'm a little further along that 16 weeks. I was 120-125 pounds before I got pregnant and I dropped down to 110 or 111 I think (I was back up to 118 as of my last appt a week ago) it was, but even being this tiny, I don't think at 16 wks 5d I'd be feeling baby kick with MY HAND. I felt it multiple times in the same spot and then again on the other side, so I'm positive it wasn't gas. It felt the same at the kicks do on the inside. I'm just absolutely amazed by all of this and I can't wait to go to my 20 week scan (June 2nd - 20 days left!) to see how far I really am (I could not be ahead, but I dunno..), to see if I'm having an adorable little prince or princess, and to see how big this little one is! We are absolutely excited for this next appointment!

Have you had a pregnancy where you felt things this early? Here's a picture I took the night before last of my belly, it's quite big, haha. It was a little bit bloated, but I had been so busy that day I didn't eat a whole lot.. and I compared it to my belly the next morning with a quick picture. I get bigger as the day goes on, but not by much!

(Taken at 16wks 3days)

Either way, I'm so excited. This pregnancy thing just gets more awesome. It's so much more than I expected it to be and I love it. I'm so glad that I've had (and hope to keep having!) a great pregnancy. The only thing I hate is if I'm laying down and I get up, my right hip pinches pretty bad in my back until I get moving.. and it's still awesome!

Positives and well, more positives.

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My first Mother's Day was quite awesome.. I turned 16 weeks pregnant and I got to feel my baby kick for the first time! It happened a few times, it was about 11pm - I was laying in bed on my laptop and all of a sudden I felt like I got poked on my belly.. from the inside! Haha. It was a cool feeling. I thought I'd felt it here and there, but this time with 3 little pokes in a row in the same spot, I knew it wasn't gas or something random. I posted it on my Facebook and someone told me to push on my belly and it should kick back. I pushed on my belly and waited a second and I felt it again in a different spot. Ever since Sunday night when I felt it, I've been feeling it every day. It's not a lot since of course the baby is still small. I'm mainly feeling it when I'm laying down, but today I felt it while riding in the car. That was awesome because we were moving (not on a bumpy road though) and I felt it!

With that said, I think I'm further along than they're saying.. or at least I'm hoping. (Or maybe I'm carrying twins and they missed it, twice lol) I got my quad screen results back today and my Down Syndrome came back abnormal. I don't really understand the ratios, but if you do, it's supposed to be >1 out of 270 and mine is 1:122. I ended up bawling my eyes out, but a lot of people made me feel better. Also knowing and confirming with the nurse that there's like a 90-95% false positive rate, which I knew before I did the test. I wish I hadn't even done it at this point because we're going to keep and love the baby either way and the false positive rate is so high.

This means we do get to find out the gender early, well, I'm assuming they'll tell us. We have to drive like an hour away (boo. i'm glad my anxiety is at a minimum b/c normally I wouldn't be able to make this trip - hoping it goes well) to get a level 2 ultrasound done. It's at a great hospital here in Ohio. I get to do that on May 25th and I was supposed to have my anatomy scan June 2nd with my doctor (assuming I still will) so I'm hoping they'll tell us. Here's to things being absolutely fine. I won't be getting an amniocentesis if the ultrasound doesn't work or whatever makes them suggest one. The risks to myself and the baby are pointless to put in the situation because either way, they can't treat it. If you've came to my blog from searching, even if you have to, or well are suggested the amnio, 95% of babies are negative. That's a very high false positive rate!

Like I said, I'm assuming I'm further along than they think which would make my hormone levels/everything else off. My baby measured 3 days ahead at the first ultrasound and 5 or 6 at the second, but she said she wasn't changing the date and that she was going by my last menstrual cycle.

Here's a picture from today. This is in the late afternoon so I'm sure I'm a little bloated than I would be in the morning (my post before this shows what I look like in the morning from my 16 week post) but.. I dunno, opinions are welcome :) I love my belly though, haha.

Needless to say, I am worried because.. it's my baby. But we're all pretty confident in these false positives that freakin everyone gets. So here's good and bad news.. but I'm focusing on these awesome baby kicks :) I can't wait for them to get stronger and more often.

16 weeks = 4 months!

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What's in a name?

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A lot of hard freaking decisions, that's what! We've went through lists and lists of names, like hundreds of names. We don't like anything that every other kid is named, any 'older era' names, any names after family, anything that sounds dumb, or you know, one of the 500 names that rhymes with Aiden. I mean, those names are cute, but it's not what we want for our little girl or boy.

With that said, we've got a boy and a girl name picked out. We're not completely decided, but we do have a name for each gender that we do like, which if you've ever named a baby.. that's a big accomplishment! And in case you've just came across this blog or you're family who hasn't seen Facebook yet, we're not telling the little girl/guy's name until baby is born :)

2nd Doctor Appointment

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We went to my doctor appointment today for baby. I knew it was going to be a quick appointment.. that was until my doctor called me back a half hour late! She was over delivering a baby on her lunch break :) I got my quad screen today (man did this one hurt!), so hoping for no calls on that. Baby's heartbeat was 155. It was awesome to hear it on the doppler this time. We get to find out what we're having June 2nd!!

Oh yeah, I'm almost back to my starting weight! I'm at 118 now (which means I've gained a pound a week since my last appointment!). That made me feel a lot better.

Resale Shopping AGAIN!

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Finally. I've been wanting a boppy forever.. when we first went shopping (when we first kinda found out and had the extra money) I bought a boppy. I ended up taking it back because it was a boppy, but it was a 'newborn sitter' and I wouldn't have been able to use it to breastfeed, let alone have the baby use it like a regular one. I passed on getting a new one then.. and I'm glad I did.

New boppys are $30.. at least that's the cheapest I've seen them. I got some money that I was owed today and Donnie told me to go out there and get the boppy I'd seen at one of the resale shops because the first time we went I loved it. It's not one with a cover, but I can handwash it and it's still the same size so I can buy other covers for it :)

So cute, doesn't show up, but it's a gorgeous sky blue.


Seen this and grabbed it! Newborn $0.49

Not getting too many newborns, but this is Pooh and cheap!

Donnie wanted this bath robe so bad last time we were there, but it was $3.49 and we didn't have the money. Today we seen that they have a sale on certain days for moms-to-be and I told him to grab it :)

Doggy hood, he loves it. We're hoping for a boy, but a cute baby girl can definitely wear this too! It's a 0-9 months size.

15 weeks

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From Sunday - morning picture! :)