2nd Doctor Appointment

Posted by Stephine on Thursday, May 5, 2011. Filed under:

We went to my doctor appointment today for baby. I knew it was going to be a quick appointment.. that was until my doctor called me back a half hour late! She was over delivering a baby on her lunch break :) I got my quad screen today (man did this one hurt!), so hoping for no calls on that. Baby's heartbeat was 155. It was awesome to hear it on the doppler this time. We get to find out what we're having June 2nd!!

Oh yeah, I'm almost back to my starting weight! I'm at 118 now (which means I've gained a pound a week since my last appointment!). That made me feel a lot better.

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  1. Anonymous

    Aww I can't wait until you find out what you are having! My cousin Trisha just found out the other day, she's having a girl, she was hoping for a boy but of course is happy either way. :) Feels so long to wait until June 2 though. Ahhh!! lol

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