18 weeks!

Posted by Stephine on Sunday, May 22, 2011. Filed under: ,

11 days til we find out boy or girl! :)

Congrats to Dre on having baby Carson on May 19th!!

Things are going well for us. Neither of us can wait for the ultrasound (or well.. neither can anyone haha) to see what we're having. I think baby is moving up a little bit. I've been able to feel kicking since I turned 16 weeks (great mother's day present!), but within the last few days they've became less often and less stronger. This morning I did feel the baby kick (with my hand) but it's a few inches up from right above my pubic bone where I've been feeling it and they aren't as strong. That's pretty exciting. I can't wait for the bigger kicks and punches.. as long as they don't keep me up all night and aren't painful, but who doesn't get that, haha. I'm just happy to have this baby and have had a great pregnancy.

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