Target & Toys R Us Baby Haul!

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I don't know that I'll be posting another 'large' haul like this again, haha. We had some money left over from back pay from my disability and we used it specifically for baby ..and well, getting our kitties fixed! Today I ventured out with Donnie to go 'baby shopping', my two favorite words in the world together, except now, it's for our baby and it's even better. Baby shopping when you don't know if it's a boy or girl is freakin' stressful, lemme tell ya! We may go out and get a pack n' play, we're still debating on whether to get it or not.. that'll be that last item if so.

First, since we got one thing from Toys R Us, I'll post that. We ended up grabbing two things of socks. They had 6 pairs in each, we got a 0-3 months and 3-6 months. I know we'll probably get lots as gifts, but they were only $2.80 a piece which I thought was a steal.

The rest of this is from Target, which is probably my new favorite place. It's smaller than Walmart and has less people, so it's a little easier for me to walk through and get myself (the anxiety) used to a bigger store. Walmart and I? We don't get along. Onward..

Breast Pads - 60 count of Johnson and Johnson for $7.69

Pacifers <3 Just got 2, purple & pink. $5.99, rang up $4.80

Avent (and NUK) prevents nipple confusion and is orthodontic safe. These are 0-6m with extra airflow for sensitive skin. They come in a nice plastic case, but it's just for packaging, not reusable unless it's in a tight space in the diaper bag. BUT they do each come with a cover that goes over the nipple for cleanliness when thrown in your diaper bag/purse/etc, which I like. 

5 ounce NUK Bottle in Green Dragonfly $5.09

Again, NUK prevents nipple confusion when going from breast to bottle and I just picked up two so that when I pump and freeze, daddy or someone can feed baby once in awhile :) These both have slow flow nipples, so I'll probably pick up some medium flows if I find them on sale just in case.

Blue Sailboat, also 5 ounces $5.09

It looked kinda purple in the store so I thought I got a boy bottle and a girlyish bottle, but I'm sure if baby is a girl, she'll not be worried about what the bottle looks like ;)

Pampers 'Sensitive' Wipes $2.39 - refills were cheap too!

We picked up the 'sensitive' wipes on recommendation of a few people, just in case baby is sensitive, that way there's no problems. Should we pick up/put on our registry a Wipe Warmer? Love thinks it's pointless, I'm 50/50 on one.

Diaper Bag Dispenser Keychain $3.84 and refills $3.94

I actually seen this on a 'what's in my diaper bag' video on Youtube and had to have it, haha. The dispenser is a keychain type deal and it comes with a roll in the dispenser and an extra one. The refills are 3 rolls, 12 in each roll. I got a blue, green, and purple because they were bright and I was in love. I was thinking "man, 3 rolls with only 12 each in them, that's not much", but these are mainly for when you're out and need to change in the car (no stinky cars!) or at a store and want to be polite and cover the smell up. Love the idea!

Last, but not least, diapers on clearance! We don't plan on buying a bunch of diapers, but when we have extra money and they're on sale, we're going to get some different sizes. I was iffy about what size to get, but Donnie spotted these and it was too good of a deal to pass up.

Huggies Snug & Dry Size 1-2 - 228 count! $30.58

I was iffy about the size 1-2 thing, they go up to 15 pounds, but I imagine being the snug kind (and that there was ONE box left) that they're good diapers. I know we'll probably get some newborns and/or smaller diapers from the baby shower, hopefully, so I didn't get those today. Not to mention, it seems like everyone is always out of size 1 diapers, so these were a good find.

Did we do good? We really looked for the deals and whatnot, but 1) not knowing the gender yet and 2) never having been parents before, we don't really know what to get. I am only 11 weeks (almost, okay!), but we had the extra money for baby and I had to spend it while I had it.

We still have a little money left, like I said up top and we're debating on this pack n' play from Toys R Us.

It's $99.99, which is all the money we have left. It's got the sturdy changing table which can move out of the way, the diaper/wipe holder, the bassinet type deal that drops down into the play yard, and the mobile. Not to mention it's monkeys and I looove monkeys. I don't like it in this picture, but it's more green in person. I'm not a gender neutral fan, but I can spice this up with either purple or some more greens and a blue! Yes? No?

P.S We also got a Boppy Pillow, but I didn't realize it's a infant lounger so I won't be able to use it for breastfeeding or have baby play on it for tummy time. Once we exchange it, I'll post what we got!

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  1. Katie

    A wipes warmer is pretty much pointless. The baby doesn't really get bothered by cold or warm wipes, they only feel it long enough to be cleaned off. Plus when you're out and about there's no wipes warmer lol. If I grabbed a wipe and it felt too cold I just held onto it for a few seconds and it warmed up fine in my hand. So its really just a waste of money.

    I think the pac n' play is a good deal. Look online for that one and find out other stores price for it to see if its a real good deal. They definitely help if you can't afford a crib and are usuable as a substitute until at least one year old. Plus you can pack it up for overnight trips (hopefully you'll be better and can go on some) also for long visits to friends and family, gives a place for baby to sleep or be safe in non-baby proof places. And good to pack up and send with baby if baby goes to spend the night with grandma or someone. So versatile, so very helpful! And with the changing table its very convenient, all in one. Baby's can sleep in a basinet until they learn to roll over, then they need to sleep in a crib or in this case the bottom of pack n' play. I think it would be a great deal for you! It's a ton of things in one!

    Huggies are the best when it comes to fitting well. They stretch the best, hold a lot, don't smell really bad when wet (some brands smell awful when wet) and the newborns have the cut out for the umbilical cord, which you need when baby is first born. The regular diapers can rub and make it irritated and take longer to fall off or even get infected. Pampers swaddlers suck, the hospital gave me some when I had Cameron and they don't fit well at all and for the umbilical cord you have to fold the front down and it just doesn't work well. Having the area cut out is so much better. Huggies snug & dry are good and fit well, but Huggies little snugglers/little movers (the winnie the pooh Huggies) fit even better, they're made to stretch and fit baby's form, especially when they start crawling and wiggling around a lot, they move with baby. They do cost a few more bucks but definitely worth it if you don't want your wiggler wiggling a leak out of their diaper lol. I could swear by them lol. :)

    Oh and another tip/suggestion, get some cotton balls and rubbing alcohol or rubbing alcohol prep pads (like diabetics use) for baby's umbilical cord. You're supposed to put rubbing alcohol on the umbilical cord at least 4 times a day to help dry it out so it falls off. I did it after each diaper change, it fell off in a week or 2, I forget. Oh and prepare to go up bra size drastically after birth. I went up 3 cup sizes in 2 days! Your boobs will hurt like hell the first week because they get so full and grew so big so quick but don't hurt too often after your milk flow settles, but make sure to feed/pump at least every 3 hours or else you'll be in pain again from getting too full again. Baby should feed every 1-2 hours though for at least 20 mins. My breast pump helped me tons! Especially if Cameron got full after just one side, gotta even 'em out lol so the breast pump helps!

  2. Stephine

    Ah thank you, lots of help! Definitely going to see if Donnie wants to go get it today or tomorrow!

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