Small Baby Shopping Trip!!

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IM. SO. TIRED.. haha. I'm getting my energy back kinda, but it seems like I'm getting sleepy way faster and more often as well. Today we went shopping at a baby resale shop (Not gonna post it since this is a public blog, but if I know you and you're reading my blog, ask me on Facebook and I'll tell ya!) we found around here since my check came in early.

The resale shop is like a Goodwill/thrift store, but it's all baby items like clothes, shoes, toys, baths, etc. All the maternity clothes are $2.00 a piece as well. We've found 3 of them (one of which we need to go into since) and this one is definitely my favorite. It's super clean, organized, the clothes and everything they take in are like new, it's super cheap, and the people in this one treat us nice every time we go in.

A couple weeks ago Donnie got these (Michael) Jordan hats..

$1.00 a piece

Today we got 3 outfits and a maternity shirt!

Maternity Shirt $2.00

The pattern up close.

Reds outfit 6-9 months $1.50

The back of it on the butt.

Cute onesie 6-9 months $1.50

The pattern up close.

Cute footie pjs 3-6 months $1.75

The green stripes on the belly/faces are on the arms.

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