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It's been a week since I've posted anything. At this point, there isn't much going on - just growing a baby over here! I'm starting to feel my belly pull more, kind of behind my belly button, when I lay in bed and stretch out. If I sneeze while I'm laying down, I definitely have to bring my legs up to my belly or it's like pulling a muscle, haha. Some people might not like these "aches and pains" (I wouldn't consider them just that yet) but I think it's amazing because I know my baby is growing.

The one thing I still really have is fatigue, well besides the peeing 500 times, but that'll just get worse. The past few days I just can't seem to wake up the entire day. I still have a room to clean too..

I'm pretty sure my belly is growing a little more. I'll be 12 weeks on Sunday (will post an updated belly progression picture) so I'm about to that point to start growing at least a little. Between the 2 weeks from our first and second ultrasound, baby had grown quiet fast, so I think I'll show (without eating and bloating) pretty soon.

I have a nice, new family friend of my Uncle's who are helping me out a lot. They have a little 16 month old girl and that have tons of baby stuff, new and used, that they are just giving me. Today they brought over a stroller. I'm sure I'll buy a new one, that also has a car seat, but this one I can use to keep at other places that I go to often (which isn't much, haha). I'm so thankful to have someone helping me because it is stressful wondering where I'm going to get everything. They have some gender neutral things they're bringing soon, but they said if I have a girl that have all kinds of things that their baby didn't even get to wear.

Til next time ;)

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