2nd Trimester

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What's been going on since I had to take my computer in (and not get it fixed)? Many things, I guess. So far I've had a pretty nice pregnancy and I couldn't be happier. I'm finally in my second trimester, about to hit 15 weeks this Sunday. My belly is definitely growing and getting harder on the bottom. I can tell the baby (or well, what the baby is in) has all moved up quite a bit. Here's my 13 & 14 week belly pictures, they're the ones that show what's going on without all the bloat.

13 weeks

14 weeks

The frequent urination has definitely kicked in more than ever which of course with the baby growing is normal. It sucks. I hate it.. and it's only going to get worse. Most of the time I can't sleep because every time I get comfortable or have been sleeping awhile I have to go. It doesn't matter if I drink anything before bed or not. Sometimes I'll have a full bladder, go, and have another full bladder in 5 minutes, lol.

My boobs are still growing insanely, which is awesome. My nipples are getting sore again.. or just more sensitive. I'd rather have my boobs hurt again, haha.

Sneezing is getting painful. It's been happening for awhile, but it's getting worse.. when I sneeze I have to bring my knees towards my belly or I get shooting pains in my uterus. Shortness of breath comes and goes once in awhile, which is also normal. 

What else? No heartburn unless I over eat a ton, which is normal for a non-pregnant person, so I'm pretty sure our baby will be bald, lol. I can deal with that for now. Speaking of eating too much, I'm definitely getting my appeitite back these back 2-3 weeks. I'm not chowing down, but I'm hungry frequently for small meals here and there. I'm not a morning-eating person and luckily the baby tolerates that.. most of the time. IF I let myself get hungry, I get painful hunger pains until I eat at least a little something.

I think that's about it for now :) Next appointment is May 5th!

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