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I was debating on keeping up with this blog as I'm not sure who all is reading it, if anyone, but for my sake I'll keep up with it to read back on since I don't have a baby book yet anyway!

Last post I said that baby was measuring 3 days ahead, but I had my first appointment with my doctor today (she's a C.N.M and she and the nurse were great!) and she's going by my last period since I know when it was. That puts me at 10 weeks 3 days and I put a counter on here to keep up! This is probably more accurate anyway because during this ultrasound baby was measuring even further than the last one, so I think we just have a mega-super baby, haha. I told her my history, they did the normal STD test and she checked my belly.

She told me that I have a tilted uterus (which is why it must have been so hard for me to get pregnant - even though we weren't trying, it's been over 4 years.) which when she went to hear the heartbeat, we couldn't find it. I got a little worried, but I knew that 1) the baby is still really small and 2) my uterus being tilted makes it hard to find so I was okay. She let me get dressed and went to get the ultrasound tech and we stood in the hallway to wait. I started to tear up, but Donnie gave me a hug and I calmed down. I haven't had any bleeding or anything so I knew it couldn't be a miscarriage.

We went back and she said it's common this early, especially with a tilted uterus. She checked and sure enough baby was stretching and squirming all in there. This time my bladder was empty and we still seen it from the outside! His or her little feet were kicking and it was stretching it's whole body! Heartbeat was 173. We got a few ultrasound pics :) but they were kinda blurry since my bladder wasn't full so I'm not even gonna try to post them.

Now I have a few things to read, which I love having, that tell me what happens each appointment, what happens week by week, etc. She also told me our hospital offers at breastfeeding class that you take around 30 weeks. It's $20, a few hours long, and when you leave (not sure if it's when you leave the class or after you give birth) they give you a electric breast pump! Like the $300-$400 nice ones, so I'm definitely gonna do that!

Think that's about it for now :)

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